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First SHS Art Competition Is A Triumph For Stanley

13th Jan

By Miranda Dhonau, Year 8 Art Ambassador

Art Competition 4

SHS Art Ambassador Photography Course

09th Dec

By Lula White, Art and Photography Ambassador, Year 9


Year 10 Artists Visit London

20th Oct

By Lavanya Malarkannan, Claire Kennedy & Abigail Owen, Year 10

Tate 4

Year 12 Life Drawing Trip

23rd Jun

By Tanis Rubringer, Art Ambassador

Life drawing

A level Drama and Theatre Studies trip to the National Theatre to see ‘Our Country’s Good’

14th Oct

By Sophia Smout, Alice George and Eilidh Sela, Year 13

Theatre Trip 1

Year 11 GCSE Drama Assessment

28th Nov

By Elizabeth Jordan 10C

stage lights

Lily Colebrook - Competition Success at Art Couture Painswick

13th Nov

Lily Colebrook 1

Artwork on display at Painswick Art Couture Festival July 2014

22nd Oct

Headdress by Lydia Roe

Stroud High Textiles Talent at APC Festival

22nd Sep

by Terri Lazenbury CTL Design Technology and Textiles

Art Couture 2