Andy Lovell Art Workshop

Andy Lovell is a qualified illustrator who predominantly works with screen printing. Based in the Cotswolds around the Stroud Valley, his main focus is landscapes; inspired by the outstanding nature beauty in the area.

As part of the on-going house art competition, Andy came in to demonstrate and teach the art of screen printing as well as informing us on his successful art career and the pathways to becoming an artist. This was of particular interest to the students in our classes who are considering going on to study art in higher education. To begin the workshop, we were shown several examples of Andy’s prints as well as the sketches and paintings which helped to form the printing process. Seeing these stages reminded us of the importance of drawing in any art career and how several stages are necessary to produce a successful outcome.  His work is really inspiring and it was interesting to see how his pieces have been used in a commercial sense, in particular his book covers and his work commissioned by Lush.

Screen printing is a new technique to us and therefore this experience was incredibly useful and exciting. After giving us an enthusiastic demonstration on the process, we had the chance to experiment with the technique on our own. With the initial focus of skies, we produced several prints in an abstract style through exploring different ways of mark making, for example the use of cardboard squares to apply paint. This produced an interesting effect. After a quick break, Andy illustrated how stencils can be used to add detail and visual interest to prints. This process involves paper cutting and printing on top of the previous backgrounds.

The house art competition is a group project which primarily focuses on Stroud and its heritage and we therefore incorporated elements of Stroud into our work. Consequently the final composition of art work for the competition will feature these produced prints. Alongside being beneficial for the competition, this workshop also inspired us to be more creative with printmaking and allowed us to explore different styles which are valuable to our own portfolios.

Overall, the workshop proved to be an enjoyable and beneficial day which has without a doubt inspired us to experiment further with new techniques and styles!