Art and Design News

Year 9 Art & Design have been busy this last couple of terms designing and making sculptural headwear out of recycled materials for the Painswick Art Couture Festival and the SHS Fashion Show. The main learning outcomes were experiencing working as a team of two or three to a design brief. Each group had to make sure that each person was equally involved in the decision making, job allocation and making.

The design had to address patterns in nature reflecting  ‘Bio mimicry’. The girls spent many lessons researching ideas for mood/sample boards, exploring paper engineering and learning to make origami. They all learnt how to fold Hyperbolic paraboloids, score curves and create papier-mâché forms. Using these new found skills they constructed a range of outcomes. The girls who met the project deadline this week were all rewarded with house points, as a reminder that in real life ‘designers’ must meet their client’s expectations,  if they wish to be paid on time.

Over the coming weeks they are going to do fashion photo shoots to model their headwear considering appropriate locations, lighting, make-up and clothing - all really useful transferrable skills for their GCSE Photography, Textiles, Fine Art and Graphics subjects next year.

Their designs will be judged by both Terri Lazenbury and Heidi Cohen (CTLs) and show cased in the next SHS Fashion Show and Painswick Art Couture Festival next year.