Boppard Trip 2017 - Student Report

When I was asked to write this report on the Boppard 2017 trip, I was so excited to relive the memories that I made and all the fun experiences I had.

Let me just start by saying that if you're looking for a fun time, this trip is the one for you. You make so many new friends and get to do so many fun activities and go to many interesting and beautiful small towns local to Boppard in Germany.

We visited so many fun and interesting places, packed with things to do such as chairlifts, cable cars, shopping, swimming, a theme park, a cruise, visits to castles and many more.

One of my highlights was our visit to the Lorelei Rock - a rock by the Rhein next to a statue of a mythical woman named Lorelei. We all found it so fun because we could go on the stones right down to the water level. We were all skimming stones into the Rhein for a while, seeing who is the best. We also had to recite the Lorelei poem in front of the statue - using actions and props! We were in groups and each group did 1 of the 6 verses.

Another one of my highlights was the trip out to Burg Eltz - a medieval castle hidden in the hills above the Moselle River. We had a tour (in English) of some of the main rooms in the castle, learning a lot of interesting facts about the families who've lived in the castle and about the architecture of the building. It was very interesting and absolutely huge! We were told that there was a total of 80 living rooms alone in the castle. It was a very exciting day.

My final highlight was of course Phantasialand - Germany's leading theme park. We spent our final day at this theme park in Brühl. There were so many fun rides to go on, from water rapids and log flumes, to big loop the loop rollercoasters and a mystery castle - where you are strapped into a seat around the edge of a big square room inside a tower, and you zoom up and down the tower really fast. The day was so fun and it was funny to see one of the teachers screaming at one of the biggest rides - Taron. It was absolutely massive with lots of different places such as China Town and Mexico. It was such a fun day and a great trip to experience with all of my friends.

This trip was filled with laughs, jokes, interesting visits and amazing memories which I will remember for a very long time.