First SHS Art Competition Is A Triumph For Stanley

During November and December, the school had its very first House Art Competition. The task was simple – produce a board using a range of artistic techniques, such as printing, digital manipulation and drawing, about Stroud and the local environment. Each house chose a small group with a leader, and Miss Torr was always on hand too, showing us new techniques and advising us. We met each week, and the contest was soon well on its way, helped along by two fantastic art workshops for the Art Ambassadors.

The first workshop was by Iain Green, a local photographer who showed us some great tricks of the trade before we set out onto the canal. Many photos were taken which later showed up on the completed boards, including an amazing one of a kingfisher which we were very lucky to get!

The other workshop was by printmaker Andy Lovell, who specialises in screen printing, a technique which uses mesh and ink. After a demonstration, students had the chance to make their own prints and Andy also showed them how stencils are used in printing too. Once again, many of the brilliant results were used in the competition and all added to the success of each houses’ boards.

On the 12th December, 4 weeks after the start of the competition, each houses’ board was judged by Iain Green, who ran the photography workshop, Andy Lovell, who ran the printing workshop, and Hazel Partridge, a previous SHS student who is now an illustrator. These local artists looked at all the different boards and considered all their different aspects, before finally arising upon a winner.

Stanley house was selected the winners by the judging panel, with their brilliant board including components from both workshops and many artistic techniques. Congratulations Stanley, and well done to all who participated!