SHS Girls Get Set

Students in Year 8 have had an enriching and fun opportunity to find out more about engineering and have a go at being an engineer.

The students attended the Girls Get Set (GGS) final day event at GE’s Aviation branch in Cheltenham. The students had a great time with lots of interesting, fun and challenging activities. Their first task was to design and build a vehicle that would travel the furthest when powered by a hair dryer. They then got a chance to listen to Margaret Pang who is in her second year on the engineering degree apprentice program. It was poignant that Margaret gave the speech as she had been in the students' position taking part in a GGS event and she showed us pictures of those days. She explained that when she was young she was interested in making things, doing science experiments and completing puzzles. Eventually she did A Levels in physics, mathematics and chemistry. In Year 13 she applied for an apprenticeship position at GE and the rest is history.

At the event was an ex-SHS student Ellie Beckett. She explained that the program is very rewarding although challenging. Ellie said “The best part of the program is the opportunities for leading projects and personal development. The company spend a lot of time and resources in developing the person into a well-rounded person”

SHS Liz Halliwell who supported the day was especially impressed with Margaret Pangs presentation. She said “it was an inspiring speech that will give our students a better outlook of engineering. It was also pleasing to see Ellie Beckett who is a role model to our students”

Iain Green, Physics teacher from SHS was very enthusiastic about the event. “The students now have a better understanding of what engineering is about and they had a great day”

At the end of the day, the GE engineers spoke to the students about different personality types and how important they are in a team. They were then put in mixed school teams and task with building as many origami boxes in a certain time. After the challenge the engineers discussed with the students what was important in completing this activity which was communication. Amelie King and Elizabeth Bootle were part of the winning team for the origami box making. Maisie Laddle said of the activity “it was really fun and a good experience. I especially enjoyed origami challenge because I learnt about the different personality types."