Global Social Leaders Update

With GSL (Global Social Leaders) we identify areas of the community that we believe may need help and we team up with different charities and see what we can do to help this issue.

Recently we have worked with Clothes Aid. We did a clothes donation with the whole school donating old but in good condition clothes.  We made it fun with some competition and a prize for the tutor group that collected the most clothes.

We have also been to Wellington College twice. The first time was for a ‘Launchpad’ experience to help us start off our first projects to carry on in school. This experience taught us about finding the problem and coming up with the solution. We then also had an in-school visit from a Global Social Leaders representative to help us along with our projects. We started to get ideas for larger projects to be put into action in the long-run.

The second time was for an awards ceremony to celebrate what we and others had been able to do in the past four months and what our plans are for the future. As well as this, we also presented our ideas to other groups and professionals from business and charities which allowed us to see what others had been up to and get feedback on our project so far.

Our focus for the future is to develop a project we have started with young carers where we are working with a local primary age group to provide afterschool activities. We are also hoping to link with a local organisation with regard to helping refugees in the area.