Matilda and The Witches - Student Views

This week we have very much enjoyed watching the school production of Mrs Caselton's 'Roald Dahl Double Bill'. A huge well done to everyone involved. Here are a few student quotes to let you know what it is like taking part in such a brilliant show:

Being in the cast for ‘Matilda’ has been an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot of acting techniques and I have discovered a selection of inspiring songs from the original ‘Matilda’ musical. I have taken many sacrifices to be in this production and it was definitely worth it. This is my first year at Stroud High and Drama has taken a completely new angle from in primary school. Here, we learn new things every lesson and embark on new stories along the way. I hope you enjoy this production - we have all loved making it happen.
Delara Y7

Working on ‘Matilda’ with Mrs Caselton and Miss Wyndow has been so much fun! Although it was difficult to begin with (having to learn all the songs and dances) it is so worth it! And, it makes it so much better having such an amazing cast. Maudie’s portrayal of Matilda is brilliant, and Tosca as Bruce is just hilarious. It is going to be an amazing show and I am so excited to have the opportunity to perform it three times! We hope you enjoy it too! 
Grace Y8

Rehearsals for ‘The Witches’ have been really good so far as the cast is really nice so acting together has been really fun. It is all going quite well and all of our acting has become so much better because of this play. Learning lines have been quite tricky but we are all close to perfect now on many scenes and I think we will be ready by the first performance. Everyone is so good at acting and they have been really kind to me and I think that makes it so much easier to practise with them. I hope everything goes well on the night!
Daisy Y7