RUSH Week Sculpture Package

Just before the summer holiday, Stroud High students take part in Rush Week. This enables us to make new friends in other houses and year groups, along with having fun and having a go at new activities. We also experience new challenges while taking part in these fun activities. This is a overview of our week enjoying the Sculpture Package last July.

On day one, a talented lady came in to teach us how to model clay. Most of us did hares although there were other interesting ideas such as platypuses, owls and crows. At first, the texture of the clay was quite unusual but extremely fun to mold however, we got used to how the clay worked after a morning of hard work and fun. After modeling our animals to to our satisfaction, we dried our clay to prepare them for the next step. At this stage, they seemed rather lifeless, they needed some colour.  We painted our sculptures with a mixture of browns and greys to bring our characters to life. 

 On our second day of Rush Week, we did a delicate craft known as willow weaving. There was an array of different animals from beneath the waves: fish, wales and jellyfish. Miss Torr taught us the delicacy of weaving the willow and applying masking tape to keep it together.  The amount of masking tape we used could sink a ship!  Once this task was complete we watched the teachers demonstration of adding colour with glue and tissue paper. We were all very sticky from the glue, especially the teachers! These wonderful, colourful creations will l be on display in the school quads. 

On our last day, we had the privilege to take a trip to the Forest Of Dean to walk around a sculpture trail full of inspirational ideas. Of course we just had to go in the park for even more fun! This trip helped us to look at the work of other artists and sculptors and improve on our own skills. 

Over all the three days were a time where we could learn new skills yet have fun at the same time. We can’t wait until next year and thank you so much Mrs Lazenbury, Mrs Shannon, Miss Dunkey and Miss Torr!