SHS Art Ambassador Photography Course

On 23 November, KS3 SHS Art Ambassadors had the chance to participate in an exciting photography course. At 12.30, all of the participators met in the canteen for an early lunch. We were informed to bring our own camera if we had the privilege of owning one. If we only had a compact camera, the professional photographer, Iain Green, gave us the chance of using his SLR Canon cameras to experiment with. After lunch, we all gathered round so he could tell us the rules of photography. He educated us about the third grid rule, which was where you have two lines going each way across a camera to create a form of a grid. He also informed us about using different lights and how to work the amazing SLR Canon.

As we walked down to the lock, we couldn’t help but stop ourselves from taking photos, even though we hadn’t arrived yet. However, when we did, we managed to spot a kingfisher, which according to Iain was an incredible sighting as it is quite rare to have the chance to photograph such a thing. After the unexpected visitor flew away, Iain talked about angles of photos and where to take them. We took some of the reflection of the water and he told us how the best photos are sometimes the ones you really need to look at to work out what it is.

Iain Green gave us cameras to work with and we all swapped about regularly until we were happy. Then we all set off to take photos with the advice of Iain and Miss Torr. It was really great fun and we got some great photos by the lock. After this we ventured off further down to the buildings so we can experience not only photographing nature, but man made things too. Next we were off again under the canal of Stroud. We spent some time taking photos there and we learnt about frames of photos. Using the canal was the best example. The canal was incredibly pretty and contained many flowers and mushrooms which were very photogenic. There were also pretty graffiti on the walls which some students took great interest in photographing.

Although we were eager to take many more photos, unfortunately it was time to go back. We were so surprised how the time flew by! When we headed back to school, we took some more photos, but of the school (The seagulls are such posers!) and this was fun in itself. Then we raced to a computer room for the last half an hour to upload our pictures and go through them. We then picked our favourites and used Photoshop to make an edited version (most people picked the ones with the kingfishers!!)

It was a very lucky experience which all of us are so gracious of. We learnt so much information we will use forever in our photography. It was great fun and we wished it would have lasted forever. A massive thank you to Iain Green and Miss Torr for organising this event as we treasured it so much! Thank you so much for giving us students the opportunity to have the experience and knowledge for future work, and now we have a new role model to look up to and to inspire us to do greater things in our photography, a big thank you to you both for giving up your time to teach and help us.