SHS Girls Get Set!

On Friday 18 January students from Stroud High, Bishop’s Cleeve and Churchdown schools attended a trip to GE engineering. The aim of this trip was to improve engineering and teambuilding skills in young girls as part of the Girls Get Set programme run by GE, which promotes stem subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The first activity of the day was to work in mixed-school groups and build as many paper planes that fitted the given criteria, within a time limit of ten minutes. To add to the challenge, within the ten minutes the girls were not allowed to talk, however they were given two attempts and before each attempt ten minutes planning was allowed, to choose what each person in the team would do, and get a production line sorted.

The second task was to build the best glider possible to the criteria and to a virtual budget of £30. All the different materials were virtual prices. All the teams were given half an hour to plan, and then given an hour to build their glider. After the hour the students tested their gliders one by one. For the best gliders there were 3 prizes: the most aesthetically pleasing, the furthest distance achieved as well as originality and excellence of design.

The prize for the most aesthetically pleasing glider was won by SHS students Amy and Merry, with their glider, 'The Firebird'. The prize for design was won by SHS students Jessica and Sophie, and the distance flown prize was won by Jena from Stroud High along with other students from Churchdown and Bishop’s Cleeve. All students enjoyed the trip (and are very keen to attend the second one next year) and I would recommend it to anyone. All in all, a great day out!

By Amelie Crimp, Year 8