SHS Politics Society Questions David Drew MP

From Brexit to badgers, the future of grammar schools and farming, David Drew MP answered questions to a near capacity audience of youngsters from Marling and Stroud High School sixth forms.

He had been invited to attend by Katie Breeds of Stroud High School’s Politics Society and spoke to around 150 students Marling and Stroud High sixth form students in the lecture theatre on Friday.

The event also featured Phoebe Potter and Hugo Lucas, of young people’s movement Our Future, Our Choice and was chaired by former politics and sociology teacher at Stroud High School, Nigel Prenter.

Mr Drew, Labour MP for Stroud constituency, said: “I was impressed by the passion and commitment of the young people who came along to put me on the spot as their MP,” said Mr Drew. “It shows that the passion for politics begins early and is evidence again that we should give the vote to young people before and not after they leave school. Thank you to Stroud High School’s Politics Society for organising an engaging event.”

On farming he warned that Michael Gove’s Agriculture Bill does not address the fact that the UK produces barely over a half of its food consumption and that without addressing the country’s food security, or small farm support we could see a default wiping out of small family run farms throughout the country.

On a people’s vote he said that a second referendum should only come at the end of the parliamentary process and that failure to gain Parliament’s assent should first be resolved via another general election.

Mr Drew added that he is always happy to undertake visits to schools when he can, and invited others to contact him via his office.

“It’s always inspiring to see young people engaging with democracy, and it’s important that we listen to their concerns.”

By Sarah Phaedre Watson, Stroud News and Journal Reporter



David Drew MP for Stroud with Nigel Prenter, former politics teacher at Stroud High School, Katie Breeds of the school’s politics society