SHS Ski Trip

On February 9 2018, the Stroud High ski squad embarked on the exhausting 28 hour coach journey to Obertauern, Austria. Despite the 3 hour delay at the Euro Tunnel and a total of 4-5 hours of staggered sleep, the group finally arrived in Austria on the 10th. The feelings of discomfort and fatigue were quickly replaced with awe and excitement once we stepped onto the white and fluffy, blanketed landscape with the beautiful mountains in the backdrop. What a view! Pure anticipation was in the air as we unpacked in our dorm rooms and dreamed of, what for some was the first time, skiing on the slopes on and off the piste and the days of fun that lay ahead of us.

The first morning we were abuzz. Woken up to music from ‘The Greatest Showman’ we were all in a slightly groggy yet brilliant mood. Picking up our newly fitted skis and ski boots, we jumped on the bus in our thick layers ready for our first lessons in fresh powder. Throughout the week, the merriment of the snow and skiing portrayed the complete antithesis of the state of our shins though we didn't mind much as it just added that little more bliss to removing our boots at the end of the day. In the evening we all looked forward to the weird and wonderful soup of the day at dinner and the night activity for that evening. Whether it was an emotional movie, a ski presentation, a sleigh ride or a quiz, they were all great, though sometimes a bit chilly. To close the trip the disco was like the cherry on top of a snow covered sundae, just with the addition of cringe worthy dancing and the cha cha slide. After a week of Hot chocolate, aprés ski lunches and a ton of laughs, it was time to take the coach back on the painstakingly long journey back home and to wave goodbye to the friendly instructors and beautiful views of Austria.

No matter what group you were in, Beginners, Beginners +, Intermediate or Advanced the trip was worth every minute of sleep lost and every bruise gained and was an experience we will all cherish and joke about for the for the rest of our lives. A massive thank you to all the teachers, PGL staff, Coach drivers and others who helped organise and lead the trip for us. We hope they had as much fun as us and we are so grateful for the amazing week. 

By Olusola Deinde, Year 10