Spanish Trip 2017 - Student Report

In the recent May half term the school held a trip to Spain for the Year 8 students. It included many activities such as white water rafting and a whole day hike. We stayed in a hostel in the north-east of Spain, 3 hours out of Barcelona in a village called Salàs de Pallars. We were treated to Spanish meals every night and of course a special paella made by the amazing cook, that was very popular amongst us.

Some other activities included a trip to a cheese factory, a picnic, market shopping and a museum visit. Many activities were held at the hostel such as canoeing, archery and zorbing.

During the whole day hike we covered a distance of around 16k across mountains and finally arriving in a small village where some of us were brave enough to go into a very cold water fall. At the hostel we were provided with lots of free time to go in the pool at relax in the sun (with sunscreen on!).

On the last day of the trip we we also provided with time to get last minute presents and trinkets to remind us of our amazing trip to Spain. All in all the trip was absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend it to the Year 7s coming up into Year 8.