Stroud High Student is Taekwon-Do Star!

Honour Clutterbuck, Year 10, recently attended her 2nd Dan black belt Taekwon-Do grading presentation evening, and came away with a fantatsic set of results. 

Prior to the grading day, Students must submit a self appraisal, and an essay of roughly 750 words. The essay was 'The most important thing I have learned about myself during my training'. The grading day itself is a long day, and is split into 4 parts. The first part consists of Technical Linework, Patterns, various types of Set Sparring, Kicking Combinations, Free Sparring, and 2 Versus 1 Sparring. Secondly the students are questioned for up to 30 minutes about their knowledge and philosophies based around Taekwon-Do.

Students then take a Power Test to demonstrate sufficient power in several techniques, and finally all students take part in a Spirit Test. This is a bootcamp style exercise, though students are not assessed on their fitness, just their their spirit to succeed. The final part of that is having to perform their highest pattern, whilst physically and mentally drained, however they have to do a press up in between each move which is not only physically demanding (Honour had to do 44), but also mentally as you have to keep stopping and starting with no flow.

Out of 38 people who took the grading, just under 30 were successful. Honour was awarded her 2nd Degree, passing with credit. She was one of only 3 Dan grades to do so, and the youngest by several years. Honour was also awarded Joint Runner-Up as Best Junior(U18), and won the award for the coveted 'Best Spirit Test'.

Well done Honour - We are very proud of your achievements!