Stroud High Students Speak at the Houses of Parliament

On Wednesday 30 November five Stroud High sixth form students visited the Houses of Parliament in order to attend events on combating violence against women as part of the Young Women's Alliance Advance 2016 project. Maya Wilson-Autzen, Catherine Walters and Precious Kennedy-Hamilton spoke at an event in the morning chaired by MP Roberta Blackman-Woods, entitled ‘The Sustainable Development Goals and Ending Violence against Women and Girls. All the speeches were extremely well delivered, addressing issues from FGM to domestic violence and the girls spoke about the inspiring work they have been doing within the school and local community.

After the event the group watched a debate in the House of Commons and met with Neil Carmichael to discuss the work they were doing. In the afternoon, Zuleika Frost and Jenny Coates spoke at an event chaired by Baroness Verma entitled ‘Young Women’s Voices Against Violence’ and addressed issues mostly concerning the treatment of girls within educational institutions and communities including how we can reduce cases of sexual assault. The day was incredibly educational and interesting for everyone who attended and the girls are very grateful to YWA Advance for giving them the opportunity.