Wildlife Rescue Volunteers Report

Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue is a charity that helps wild animals who have been injured in any form. Oak and Furrows operate a 24/7 service and are always ready for what may come through the doors. The centre relies on donations to survive and does not receive any government funding. Annually the centre takes in on average over 3000 wildlife casualties, however last year the amount of animals broke records with over 4400 patients coming through the doors. The centre has few staff caring for the animals and relies heavily on volunteers to help keep the centre running. Oak and Furrows is in financial crisis and is in threat of closure. The rescue centre has had no choice but to turn to the public for help and support. Winter is always the busiest time of year as hundreds of hedgehogs alone are brought in and they refuse to turn any animal away.

We are Stroud High students in Year 9 and we have both been volunteering for over 6 months at Oak and Furrows. We would like to do as much as we can to help the rescue centre, and to help prevent its closure. The centre do amazing work, take on and nurse so many animals back to full health so they can be released back into the wild.

By Alice Padley and Rose Middleton, Year 9