World Book Day Student Report

On Thursday 2 March, Stroud High once again celebrated World Book Day, with the students getting the opportunity to dress up for the second year running, so long as it was a recognisable character.

The students’ costume competition, which was judged in the library at lunchtime, gave the students a chance to proudly show off their creations. Congratulations are in order to Miss Jane Bennett, Voldermort, Rincewind, Noddy, the White Witch, the Mad Hatter, Katniss, Maid Marion, and the ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ group from Year 11, who were our winners. The prizes awarded included books and chocolate. There was also a fiercely contested staff competition for the best outfit: Mr Lockhart took first place with his Willy Wonka outfit.

The English Department joined in with the celebrations – theming the English corridor around ‘Lord of the Flies’ to fit in with the book Years 10 and 11 are currently studying. A ‘Lord of the Flies’ quote quiz was hidden around the school for students to enjoy throughout the day. Form time saw a book themed quiz being completed with topics such as Harry Potter, Carnegie and well known quotes. Throughout the day there was a ‘Who’s Who?’ quiz for students to identify staff by their costume. The £1 World Book day tokens were also handed out to students; these can be used to buy the special WBD books or as £1 off a book priced at over £2.99. These expire on the 26th March so do remember to use them!