Y9 Art Update - Eduardo Bertone

Last term we did a unit focusing on Eduardo Bertone, an artist who uses a variety of medias in order to create colourful free flowing pieces.

Our starting point was to develop some ideas surrounding Bertone and this included an artist analysis; in this section we annotated some of his pieces as well as studying the way his art links together. We then experimented with the different medias and techniques he uses in order to create thumbnails to map out our final pieces.

This structure of work and progress links to the four GCSE objectives we will need in following years: research (AO1), experimentation (AO2), expansion (this can include drawing, studies and sketches (AO3)) and the final piece (AO4). The skills and techniques that we used were varied but included drawing, watercolour, acrylics, stitching, montage, printing, painting, pastels, and inks.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed this project. We had a lot of freedom and felt the outcome was extremely successful, plus we learnt many skills throughout completion.