Year 8 Art Book Project: Zoomorphic

In Year 8 art lessons this term, we have been creating our own zoomorphic (two or more animals morphed together) animal storybook. This project involved a lot of planning and preparation, and I will share with you exactly how we achieved our finished piece of work.

Our starting point was on Photoshop, exploring the programme and creating our ‘zoomorphic’ animals. We had several lessons aimed at perfecting our characters, and we were asked to give the animal a name, particular characteristics, and create the core concepts of our story.  After we had produced the foundations of the storyline, we were able to formulate the story. The planning stage included creating a storyboard, to contain the total number of pages as well as the plan for each page. At this stage, we also selected the typography for our book.

Once we had completed all our planning, we were able to bring our ideas to life by creating our books! We had a lot of choice in how they could be designed as we were given the option of a standard opening or concertina style book.  There was further choice for the background of each page: they could be in watercolour, Sharpie or even created on an iPad! The setting had to reflect the themes of the book, as well as relating to the storyline. We then added our characters, which were either scanned or painted onto the page- as well as the text, which was handwritten or added on a computer.  Once all of the pages had been perfected, and the structure of the book was complete, we had finished the process and created a stunning, handmade children’s book!

Overall, it was an incredibly fun project which I thoroughly enjoyed and would like to thank Miss Torr, for giving us the opportunity to create our books!