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Key Stage 3

In year 8: Students will start off learning a few basics to introduce themselves, building up over the year to include further topics such as school, family and friends, free time and leisure activities as well as describing where they live. They will gain knowledge of German grammar and sentence structure building up to delivering extended pieces of work with longer descriptions and expressing opinions, and starting to write in the past tense. Students also have the opportunity to take part in our holiday trip to the beautiful town of Boppard on the Rhine during May half term. 

In year 9: We build on previous knowledge and introduce further grammar points to enable the students to express themselves in much more detail, covering the present, past, future and conditional tenses, covering a lot of the main grammar points needed for GCSE. We look at holidays, shopping, after school activities, health, social activities such as dates and parties, and finish the year with a project, creating a film or magazine encompassing the vocabulary, tenses and grammar points learned throughout the year. Throughout the year the students watch Extra, a soap created by Channel 4 written for learners of German.

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Key Stage 4

At GCSE level: Between years 10 and 11 students follow the AQA syllabus covering the topics of lifestyle, leisure, home and environment and work and education. Oral and written exams are conducted throughout the two years and two pieces per skill are submitted to the exam board, with reading and listening exams at the end of year 11. Students are encouraged to become more independent learners, using reference materials and regularly learning vocabulary. 

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Key Stage 5 

At A level: AS and A2 German follows the WJEC exam board, studying topics in more depth and learning more topic related vocabulary. The topics studied at AS are:

a)      Leisure and Lifestyles

  • travel and tourism
  • sport and hobbies
  • entertainment
  • customs and traditions
  • healthy living – health and nutrition, diet and exercise and unhealthy living – drugs, AIDS, smoking, alcohol etc

b)      The individual and Society

  • relationships and responsibility
  • gender issues
  • youth culture (values, peer groups, fashions and trends)
  • education
  • vocational training and future careers

A2 adds the topics of the environment and looks at social issues such as racism, immigration, new technology, politics, and gene research.

AS examinations are sat at the end of year 12 – There is an oral exam with their class teacher which is recorded and sent to the exam board and a written exam involving listening, reading and translation from English to German. A2 examinations are sat at the end of year 13 – an oral exam with a visiting examiner and a written paper involving listening, reading, a translation from English to German and an essay on a book or film they have studied.

As well as their timetabled classes students in year 12 and year 13 benefit from 30 minutes each week in a conversation class with our German Language Assistant. Year 12 students are also given the exciting opportunity to take part in our annual Exchange to Munich attending classes and exploring the region.

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