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Key Stage 5 only


This subject is only taught in the Sixth Form at Key Stage 5. It is not yet linear. As a result, in the summer of 2016 all Year 12 students will sit two AS level examinations in British Politics. The results in these will either stand alone as an AS level (AQA 1151) or count for 50% of the whole A level (AQA 2150). They can then go on in Year 13 to sit two A2 modules (American Government and Politics) in the summer of 2017 (AQA 2151) which count for the other 50% of the A level (AQA 2150). AS level modules can also be re-sat in the summer of 2017.

AS level in Year 12 comprises two modules in British politics.

Unit 1 (People, Politics and Participation) involves:

  • Participation and Voting Behaviour (The nature of participation in the political process, Participation through the ballot box)
  • Electoral Systems (The role of elections in a democracy, The nature of representation)
  • Political Parties (The role of political parties in a democracy)
  • Pressure Groups and Protest Movements (The importance of pressure groups to political communication and policy making in a democracy, Pressure Group behaviour)

Unit 2 (Governing Modern Britain) involves:

  • The British Constitution (The nature and sources of the British Constitution, The judiciary and its relationship to other ‘powers’ of government)
  • Parliament (The role of parliament in the UK’s political system, Parliament and government relationships)
  • The Core Executive (Relations within the core executive, The prime minister and the cabinet system, Policy making and implementation)
  • Multi-level Governance (Elected local  and devolved government in the UK, The European Union)

A2 level in Year 13 comprises two modules in US politics:

Unit 3a (The Politics of the USA) involves:

  • The Electoral Process and Direct Democracy
  • Political Parties
  • Voting Behaviour
  • Pressure Groups

Unit 4a (The Government of the USA) involves:

  • The Constitutional Framework of US Government
  • The Legislative Branch of Government: US Congress
  • The Executive Branch of Government
  • The Judicial Branch of Government: The Supreme Court 

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