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Key Stage 5 only

Year 12 Politics from 2017 (first year of linear course)

We will be studying AQA Politics (7152); there are three broad areas of study in this specification:

  • The government and politics of the UK
  • The government and politics of the USA, and comparative politics
  • Political ideas

We will study the government and politics of the UK in Year 12.  This will include looking at the British Constitution and institutions of the UK Government (Parliament, Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Judiciary and the EU).  This will also include the study of democracy and participation through elements such as political parties, pressure groups, elections and voting. 

Towards the end of Year 12 we will study political ideas; these comprise conservatism, liberalism, socialism and feminism.

Year 13 Politics for 2017 (last year of modular course)

We will be studying AQA Politics (2150). A2 level in Year 13 comprises two modules in US politics:

Unit 3a (The Politics of the USA) involves:

  • The Electoral Process and Direct Democracy
  • Political Parties
  • Voting Behaviour
  • Pressure Groups

Unit 4a (The Government of the USA) involves:

  • The Constitutional Framework of US Government
  • The Legislative Branch of Government: US Congress
  • The Executive Branch of Government

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