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Student Support


SWGfL Whisper

South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) awarded our school the Online Safety Mark in 2011, 2014 and 2017

Sharing things that upset you is not always an easy thing to do.  SWGfL Whisper is designed to act as another way you can tell a responsible adult at the school about any issues that you or others might be having. Sometimes that way might be easier than a face to face meeting.  This might include:

  • You or someone else being bullied
  • Something happening online that you don’t feel comfortable with and might need some advice
  • If you feel somebody at the school is at risk - either in school or outside of school
  • If you have a problem that you need to talk to somebody about

Please don’t use bad language as we may not receive your message: the school systems may filter and block things like swear words and stop your message getting to the Whisper account.

Your personal details are not shared or stored as part of the process, unless you choose to include them.  When you make a report, you have the choice of including your personal or contact details or reporting anonymously. The message that the school receives may have your information if you have sent it, and the SWGfL Whisper system will not record or store any information on its servers.  Please bear in mind that if you do not give us enough information we cannot act, and if you choose not to include your contact details we will not be able to let you know about any action we have taken.

Click on the button below to report a concern - parents and carers can also
report concerns about students using Whisper
Red Example Button
Please note that this is not an emergency contact - 
if you think someone is in immediate danger you should dial 999

Whilst we hope that the lives of the majority of our students run smoothly, and with few problems outside of those normally experienced by young people in a modern world, this is not always the case.  We hope that the links below will prove a valuable resource for both students and parents if needed.   Underlined headings are live links to indicated websites.

If you are concerned about your daughter's wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can support you in supporting her.


Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Information, counselling and understanding for bullied children and their families.
Tel: 0207 378 1446

ASTRA Project

Alternative Solutions to Running Away.
Tel: 01452541599/08003894992. Website:

British Pregnancy Advisory Services

Information about unplanned pregnancy and the choices available.
Tel: 08457 304030


A national service working with young people and children with a wide range of issues every year, including family problems, relationships, being a young carer, self-harm, neglect and many more. They aim to give you the skills and confidence needed to reach your full potential. The service is free and confidential.
Tel: 020 8550 8822. Website:


A free and confidential service that answers calls from children and young people in Gloucestershire who are in trouble or danger will cover any issue, for example self-harm, neglect, stress, peer pressure, friendship issues.
Freephone: 0800 1111. Website:

Teens in Crisis (TIC+)

TIC+ supports children and young people aged 9-21 and their families with face-to-face and online counselling

Children in Need of Counselling Help 

Supports children and young people who are experiencing the distress of family separation. A free service for children aged 8 – 18 years of age who live in the Gloucestershire area.
Tel: 01452 411843

Youth Support Team

Tel: 01452 415707 Website:

Divorce Aid

Divorce Aid now helps thousands of people every week. 'Whatever your situation and wherever you are, we hope to provide divorce advice, support and information on any matter concerning you. Website:

Get Connected

Get Connected are here to help you, whatever the problem. We provide a free, confidential helpline that gives you the support and information you need to decide what you want to do next. You might need to be put in touch with somewhere safe to stay for night, need to be referred to an organisation that deals with eating disorders, or you might just want a listening ear. Whatever the problem, they can always help.
Tel: 08088084994. Email: Webchat service open 7pm-10pm everyday just visit website and click Webchat. Website:

Eating Disorders Project

Advice Line providing help, support and advice. Mon - Thurs 9am - 4pm.
Tel: 01452 891206. Webiste:

Gay and Lesbian Friend Helpline

Provides Support, information and befriending for gay, lesbian, bisexual people, or anyone uncertain of their sexuality. Mon-Fri 7.30pm-10pm.
Tel: 01452 306800. Website:

Gloucestershire Youth and Community Services

Support, guidance and activity programs for young people aged 14-25 years.
Tel: 01452 426391. Website:

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