School Life

The House System

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On arriving at Stroud High School, each student is placed in a tutor group - 7A, 7C, 7G, 7K or 7S. Each tutor group forms part of a student-led House.

The Houses are named after mills in Stroud that were in production of goods in the 1600s-1800s representing the industrial heritage of the area:


Arundel - a fulling mill, purifying cloth

Capel - made woollen flock

Griffin - made cloth

Kimmin - milled flour

Stanley - made woollen cloth

The senior roles such as Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl are now accompanied by two appointed House Officials for each house. House Officials organise their houses to participate in the various activities and events throughout the year to try and gain as many house points as possible with the hope of being the overall winner at the end of the summer term.

Within each house, there are several House Families, in which contains at least one pupil from each year. These families meet weekly, and help form a massive part of Stroud High identity, as it forms inter-year links within a House and creates a bigger sense of House pride.