What our students say...

“This trip was such a great bonding experience. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone to do all the different activities. I made good memories and came out of the trip with new friends” - Year 7 Residential

“This was my first trip abroad with school and it was so much fun. The highlight of the week was the trip to Germany’s biggest theme park, Phantasialand, on the final day. Alongside the theme park trip we also got to go on a chairlift ride up the mountain Sesselbahn and visited the Lorelei statue on the River Rhein. What a great week!” - Year 8 German Holiday

“The French Exchange in Year 9 was one of the most rewarding things I've done and would recommend it to anyone. We went to France in November to stay with our French host family and then in March they came to stay with us in England. We spent the evenings and weekend with our French host family and got to know them well while immersing ourselves in the French language. My favourite place that we visited was Les Machines de L’île in Nantes. I also really liked the Rochemeier Troglodyte village because it was all about the history of the early French settlers” - Y9 French Exchange

“This was undoubtedly the best school trip I have been on- and one of the best weeks I have ever had. We travelled all the way to Austria and spent the week skiing the beautiful mountains in perfect conditions. I didn’t go with my immediate group of friends but ended up spending time with others from my Year (and the one below) that are now some of my closest friends! I was pushed out of my comfort zone by our group instructor but by the end of the week I felt I had made so much progress- doing runs I hadn’t even considered doing prior to the trip! A truly incredible week, I would give anything to go again” - Austria Ski Trip