8C's Giving Nation Project

When we started to think about what charities we wanted to raise money for we whittled it down into two categories: animal welfare, and people with disabilities. After having a long think, we came up with the idea of supporting Guide Dogs, since it would help both of these main categories.Next we had to think of what to do. After having a couple of tutor times brainstorming we made a decision. As a tutor group we would have two main events: a fayre and a movie, both of which in the Senior Hall. In addition each member of the tutor group tried their best to complete an individual challenge to help raise money. We also decided that we would all try to raise awareness of what we did and broaden our own knowledge of this charity’s work. 

The next step in our project was to contact Guide Dogs to see if we could get a visitor in. Emily was nominated to email and ring Guide Dogs to organise this. We were very lucky and managed to book a visitor on the same day as our fayre. After doing a lot of planning it was time for the fayre. We had many different stalls including an information stall, a photo booth and a cake stall. We were also very lucky since the Guide Dog visitor came in and gave a talk on what Guide Dogs do. The day after the fayre we showed a movie in the Senior Hall while selling left-overs from the fayre around the side of the hall. The film shown was called 'A Dog’s Purpose' which had been selected by the class.

All together we managed to raise approximately £750 which was a brilliant achievement for the class.

In conclusion here are a few things that the class feels they have learnt from this experience:

  • The more you plan, the better it will be
  • Even if things don’t go how you planned it, it doesn’t mean that you have failed
  • Guide Dogs work
  • What it is like to be blind (through the speaker)
  • Organising events
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership skills
  • Learning new skills

By Emily Summers, Year 8