EmPower Cyber Trip a hit with Students

The EmPower cyber trip was a great experience for all of us and we learnt so much. We were each split into three groups, and we all went around different activities. There were four sections: cryptography, networking, cyber security and logic and coding. Some of the activities were: flying drones using scratch, playing Minecraft by following instructions, hack a premade Wi-Fi router, intercepted messages through Morse code, intercepted messages through a wire using a Caesar code and many more. We all did tasks that we had never done before or knew little about and it made us all more interested in computing. Before the trip, most of us thought that we wouldn’t enjoy it, however this changed after we had the trip. I think many of us are now considering a job in computing and cyber when we are older. The trip was AMAZING, and we all had so much fun. We are really looking forward to going on a trip like this again!

By Selin Akhtar, Year 8