Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year

This Year we had over 100 entries from Stroud High School and were awarded the overall best school. Eleanor in Year 10 was awarded first place from the 804 entries and Isabella achieved the Judges Choice. Particular congratulations go to Eleanor, Catherine, Daisy, Deryn,
Frankie, Isabella, Libby and Lottie for gaining awards and to all for being part of the Best Schools Entry.

There will be an online gallery available to view over the next few days on 


Eleanor – Winner

I’m thrilled to have won the 2021 Gloucestershire Young Photography Competition with my photo ‘Social Media Isn’t Real’. The idea for the photograph was to do with youth in the 21st century and how we are all so caught up with the way they look and how they come across on social media. I recognised myself being caught up with the constant drive to conform to social media standards and wanted to encapsulate those feelings through the lens of my camera. The photograph was taken in the photography studio at Stroud High School, my friend and I were brainstorming ideas to capture the constant use of mobile phones and whilst we were setting up the studio lights we turned off the main lights. It was then that we decided to use the mobile phone as the main light source. I used a black background to give the photograph a sombre mood and to make sure the phone reflected all the light directly onto the model’s face. I am hoping that when teenagers look at this photograph, they see the dark side of social media and the overuse of mobile phones by relating this photograph to the fact social media is not real. With reflection, I think it will do just that.