National School Sports Week Blog - Year 7

What are you doing today?

“A physical code breaking activity decrypting codes based on the enigma code from WW2. It’s a really exciting to work with different people”

“My favourite was probably Clubbercise. I loved the glow sticks and dancing. It was active and really fun”

How has this day helped our students?

“Clears my mind and it is a good way to connect with my friends. So far I have loved everything”

Why did our students need this opportunity to #PauseToPlay?

“It’s really nice to let loose - especially during school hours”

Has this brought our school community #TogetherAgain?

"Yes, I really feel everyone is connecting with each other and working together, especially with the different teamwork activities”

“We are all getting involved. Everyone is so focused and the atmosphere is buzzing. It’s really nice seeing us all working together, laughing and joking”