National School Sports Week Blog - Year 8

What are you doing today?

“We are doing a series of sports activities including hula hooping, team building, disco dome, All Sorts and code breaking”

“I enjoyed learning new hula hooping tricks such as the honey pot”

“I am enjoying being outside working with my friends in the team building challenges”

“It was fun to go crazy and enjoy the music in the disco dome”

How has this day helped our students?

“I have learnt new communication skills and how to notice patterns”

“I’ve learnt more about my classmates"

Why did our students need this opportunity to #PauseToPlay?

“Covid has made learning more stressful so having a break helps us to destress”

“Good being outside and to work as a team”

Has this brought our school community #TogetherAgain?

“Yes, because we can get to know each other and can bond”

“Yes, because we can help each other get out of our comfort zones”