National School Sports Week Blog - Year 9 by Grace

What’s going on today for #NSSW2021?

“Hula Hooping, disability sports such as Boccia, silent disco, code breaking and Clubbercise”

How are our students having fun?

“Learning to hula hoop, seeing who can do the best tricks. Experimenting with different ways to hoop and concentrating on new moves”

“Learning a new sport (Boccia) with the instructor helping. Seeing who can get the ball the furthest from a seated position”

“Singing along to the music in the silent disco and having a dance. Using the silent disco headphones in the drama studio with disco lighting”

“Having fun cracking the code in the code breaking challenge. Finding clues around the school.”

“Copying the dance moves in Clubbercise. Enjoying using glow sticks in the dark.”

What did our instructors think?

“Everyone is doing well and participated even if they found it challenging. I am very impressed with our students enthusiasm and progress” - Hula Hoop Leader

“Students have done really well and tried a new, inclusive sport” - Boccia Instructor

“Everyone did really well and made a great effort to join in with the moves” - Clubbercise Instructor