Sixth Form Success at Stroud High School

It has been such a privilege to watch students at Stroud High School receive their A Level results this morning. Every grade tells the story of hard work and application combined with an experience in school which each and every member of staff helps create. We have a fundamental belief in what our young people can achieve and this year we are thrilled that over half of all grades were A*/A and 79.9% of all entries were graded A*-B.

The headline figures for the performance of the students are as follows:
⭐️ 99.8% of all entries passed
⭐️ 93.4% of entries graded A*-C
⭐️ 79.9% of entries graded A*-B
⭐️ 52% of entries graded A*-A
⭐️ 18.8% of entries graded A*

The students are rightly proud of their achievements. We want students at Stroud High School to use their ability to make a difference in the world and we believe that with hard work and commitment everything is possible.

Whilst exam results days are often full of headlines about standards and grade boundaries people often forget to acknowledge the achievements and potential of our young people. It really is worth celebrating.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of our 2019 A Level Results.