Teaching and learning

We are proud of our record of academic success and our aim is to ensure that every individual student is supported to achieve her full academic potential or 'personal best'.

Stroud High School often features in the top one hundred state schools of all the major newspapers’ league tables, including those based on value-added results.

The Curriculum

Through our curriculum we aim to:

Ensure entitlement for all learners to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that offers continuity and coherence and secures high standards
Induct learners into the essential knowledge and skills of subjects
Prepare young people for the world of employment and Further and Higher education
Raise awareness in learners more aware of their local, national and international communities
Encourage learners to take responsibility for their own health and safety, and appreciate the benefits and risks of the choices they make
Contribute to community cohesion
Acknowledge, promote and pass on the core knowledge and skills valued by society to the next generation

Years 7-9

Students take the following courses: English, Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Citizenship and Design Technology (Food, Textiles and Resistant Materials).

All students also follow a course of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education which we call Personal Development.

In Year 8 students choose either German or Spanish as a second Modern Language. 

Years 10 -11 

All students will study: English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Religious Education, ICT and Science (Double Award). There are non-examination courses in Physical Education and Personal Development.

Additionally students take further options from a range of courses including: 

Art and Design (Fine Art and Photography)
Business Studies
Computer Science
DT - Food, Graphics, Resistant Materials, Textiles
Philosophy and Ethics
Separate Sciences (biology, chemistry and physics)

Years 12 – 13 

Stroud High School and Marling School work collaboratively to offer a wide range of courses and subject combinations, with provision delivered across both schools. The Sixth Form area has further details of courses and our prospectus. 

All students are expected to study 3 A levels in addition to our enrichment programme. We believe that this provides our students a full and demanding curriculum in preparation for the future. Over 90% of girls go onto higher education when they leave school, with the majority taking up degree courses at prestigious universities.

Information, Advice and Guidance 

Courses are constantly under review in order to offer as much choice as possible. A full programme of independent and unbiased Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, delivered by our external providers from SGS, Stroud College, supports students in each academic year and in their choices at every level from GCSE to A level choice through to university application.

Religious Education

Religious Education is considered to be an important part of our students’ education. Courses follow the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus. Students are encouraged to join in wide-ranging discussion in order to come to an understanding of, and tolerance for, those whose beliefs differ from their own. 

Assemblies also play an important part in school life. Often these assemblies take the form of celebrating achievements by groups or individuals; frequently they are planned and presented by students. Parents have the right to withdraw their daughters from Religious Education or collective worship by writing to the Headteacher.  

Physical Education

Through PE we aim:

To foster the health and well-being of students by encouraging a positive approach to active participation in a broad, developmental and balanced programme of physical activities and learning experiences
To provide opportunities for achievements and raising personal self-esteem through carefully structured challenges appropriate to individual needs
To encourage recognition of, and respect for, others and the notion of fair play
To teach in such a way that activities are fun to do and satisfying to achieve

Sports introduced in the curriculum include: athletics, netball, new image rugby, football, hockey, table tennis, rounders, stoolball, gymnastics, dance, volleyball, trampolining, tennis, badminton, squash, softball, aerobics and swimming. 

Personal and Social Education including e-Safety and Sex and Relationships Education

The school places great emphasis on the value of Personal, Social and Health Education. Our Personal Development programme is designed to ensure continuity and progression throughout the school. 

The Sex and Relationships Education programme has been planned so that year on year it builds in depth and complexity. Moral and emotional questions are addressed through a planned scheme which aims to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to cope with relationships within a rapidly changing society. In accordance with the law, parents may withdraw their daughters from lessons by writing to the Headteacher.

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