About Exams

GCSE and A Level Exams at Stroud High School

If the information you want isn’t here please ask your child to contact the school’s Exams Officer.

As well as learning about exam requirements during lessons, students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are briefed about exam procedures in an assembly before the summer exams start.

In the spring term students receive, via their tutor groups:

A ‘statement of entry’ which lists all the written, oral and practical exams they are being entered for
Their individual timetables for their written exams
A copy of the exam boards’ ‘Information for Candidates’ which sets out the regulations and general exam procedures
Separate letters for Years 11, 12 and 13 explaining the school’s procedures during exams and arrangements for results days.

Telephone the school immediately if a candidate unable to get to school through illness/accidents/injury etc during exams

If you feel unwell during an examination tell the invigilator immediately.
If you experience problems before or during the examination period ie family problems, accident, injury, illness please tell the Exams Officer. The school will do everything it can to help you.
Special Consideration may be requested from the exam boards if there is a problem - a doctors’ note will be required