'One must be careful of books, and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.'

Cassandra Clare, Infernal Devices

Library Opening Times 

8.00am - 4.30pm daily (staffed 8.30am - 4.30pm)  

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Borrowing Items 

Borrowing Limits

Years 7-9: up to 4 items at a time
Years 10-11: up to 6 items at a time
Years 12-13: up to 10 items at a time

Please note: English texts issued to your library card do not count towards these totals


Library Loans are for 2 weeks (unless a specified short loan or reference book).  You can renew an item twice unless it is required for another user.  Books can be requested by other users through the catalogue or by request to the library staff.  If no member of staff is available, there is a manual loan and returns facility so access to resources is not affected.


If an item goes beyond its loan date with no renewal requested or granted we will issue up to 3 reminders to students.  While there are no overdue fees, if a student fails to react to the reminders an invoice will be sent for the replacement value of the item and restrictions may be placed on further borrowing.

Please note: library books remain the property of the school and should be treated as school equipment.  

Library Catalogue 

The library catalogue can be used to find resources eg. books, articles, journals, DVDs and websites.  It can be accessed from any computer in school


For "My Account" and "Reserve" facilities, you will need to use the
last four characters of your Borrower Number - this can be found on your Library Card

 So ... if your Borrower Number is B01873:

Your user name is: 1873

Your password is: 1873

Click here to access SEARCHSTAR 

Library Conduct 

We believe the library should be a resource for the enjoyment and aid of all students and we strive to provide a clean, bright, engaging space and the resources to support this.  We hope that our students feel the same and will help us to maintain these standards by following the simple library code of conduct (this can be found on the library padlet page link below).