An Art-packed Day in Bristol for Year 12!

17 May 2022

On Friday May 6, the Art and Textiles students from Stroud High School attended 3 Art Exhibitions in Bristol.

Arnolfini Arts were exhibiting the extraordinary imagination of Dame Paula Rego RA, one of the leading figurative artists of our generation. There were in excess of 80 prints and her exhibition explored her interweaving wit and dark humour delving into the art of storytelling through reinterpretations of well know narratives and classic tale, repositioning the role of women at their centre. There were also strong themes of power, rebellion, sexuality and gender, grief and poverty which came through really well. While we were there, we found a wall which had messages on post it notes. These messages were heartfelt messages written about what it was like to be a single parent which conveyed strength and resilience. This has been put up in preparation for the ‘Holding the baby’ event on the 12 of June which will be an informal discussion event.

The second visit was to the MShed to see a wildlife photography exhibition where we explored over 100 photographs of many photographers from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions capturing wildlife in their environments so to give an understanding the issues facing them in this troubled planet today. There were hidden messages within these photographs of the action we need to take in order to protect it. The competition was first launched in 1965 where there were 361 entries, today there are 49,000 entries from all over the world.

The final exhibition that we went to see was where we got to experience a 360 degree experience of Van Gogh’s paintings which brought another dimension to his work. The best bit was the big light show in the huge room where you were able to become part of Van Gogh’s paintings. It was great to the see the wall of sunflowers too where the artwork was all brought to life. It was a very engaging and inspiring journey and we are very lucky to be able to have had the experience.

Lotty, Year 12 Student





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