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Key Stage 3

Below is a brief overview of year specific Citizenship experiences that are run through citizenship days/workshops, the tutor system and across the curriculum.

Year 7: Community day; Lepra awareness and fundraising; English- Jungle campaign; Geography – Settlement debate; History- Changing nature of Kingship and Treatment of the Jews in the Middle Ages; RE- Buddhism and working conditions; Science- Pylon debate and Electricity costing.

Year 8: Afritwin day; Magistrates workshop; Giving Nation Challenge; Geography – Crime prevention and Disaster prevention & government spending; History-Civil war & Power of parliament, 19th Century Child Labour, and the Slave trade ; RE-Sikh gurus and human rights and Ethics- right and wrong; Science- MMR debate.

Year 9: Trip to Birmingham on Changing BritainUnderstanding politics; Art- Changing Britain: Birmingham project; Geography – China one child policy, Chocolate project, Population & Migration ; History- Votes for women, Shot at Dawn, Holocaust, WW2, Britain and the EEC/EU, Post war Britain- culture; RE- Conflict, Religion & Society; Science- Recreational drugs and alcohol, Drugs development.


Key Stage 4

Year 10:  Justice day; Gloucester Crown Court Visit.

Year 11: Students have lessons where they discuss, enquire, debate and take an active role in a range of Citizenship themes including: Human rights, Politics & the Economy, Campaigning, Diversity & Migration and International organisations. Students are encouraged to simulate some of these experiences, empathise with others, take part in national competitions and events, and run their own campaign on an issue of their choice.

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