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Welcome to the Design and Technology Department

'Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource' - Richard Florida 

Have you considered that every product we buy, use, eat and wear has to be designed, developed marked and sold? The creative sector is enormous; we are all part of it as consumers and whether you have plans to become a designer, chef or engineer or simply to better understand market forces, you will benefit from the study of product development. Design and Technology develops your creativity and gives you an insight into the real world of product design and technology manufacturing and engineering. Not only this but Design and Technology prepares you for the skills you will need in any job and any walk of life. Each subject area focuses on the skills of research, critical analysis, design development, creative thinking, modelling and evaluation.

Design and Technology will help you develop your brilliant minds to become more innovative and original; whether it is within Resistant Materials, Food or Textiles you will be inspired and challenged to think and create ‘outside the box’.

'The industries of the twenty-first century will depend on the generation of knowledge through creativity and innovation' - Landry & Bianchini 

The Design and Technology Subject Zone is currently under construction. Please click here to access online resources.

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