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    Admissions for 2018 Entry (Present Year 5)


Key Dates

 Please click on the button below.   Registration closes at 4 pm on Friday 30 June 2017

Entrance Test Date - Saturday 16 September 2017

Please click here for Stroud High School's policy for Admissions from September 2018.  Please click here for FAQ for Admissions 2018.

 Entrance Test:  Saturday 16 September 2017

Registration Window opens Thursday 1 June 2017 (00:01)

Registration Window closes Friday 30 June 2017 (16:00)

Entrance Test Results - By Thursday 12 October 2017

Please see Admissions 2018 on the menu on the left side and the Admissions Booklet for 2018 Admissions and the Gloucestershire Familiarisation Booklet 2017.

What is the current admissions procedure?

Admission to Year 7 is by an entrance examination taken in September of the previous year (late tests are available for students relocating to the area after the date of the entrance examination). 150 places are available for the highest ranking candidates, in accordance with parental preferences. Students who qualify but do not get offered a place may be placed on an indicated interest register. If any places become available, they are filled from this list. Where several girls achieve the same standard, the following criteria are used to determine the order of offers: i) students from families entitled to claim Free School Meals at the time of the test, ii) geographical proximity to the school measured in a straight line from the place of residence. For further details concerning admissions, please refer to the menu on the left.

Special arrangements can be made for girls under the normal age of transfer - further details are available from the school. Entries to years other than Year 7 can be considered if places are available. Entry to Stroud High School Sixth Form is open to any student who achieves the relevant standards.

The school is holding Open Mornings on 28 April and 30 June - please just come along.  There is no need to book a place.

What transport is available?

Although transport has previously been provided for students by the Local Authority, this has not been the case since September 2012 for new entrants to Stroud High, unless students live over 3 miles from the school, and it is their nearest secondary. Further information about this is available under the School Information menu - 'Transport to School'. Parent groups exist sharing transport arrangements; it is expected that this will develop with the facilitation and support of the school.