Pupil Premium Support

The school receives a Pupil Premium Grant to support the education of young people who are:

  • Looked-after children, or those who have previously been looked-after children
  • In receipt of Free School Meals
  • Have been in receipt of Free School Meals in the last six years
  • Children of armed forces families

Each year the total amount of the grant received is based on the number of eligible pupils in Year 7-11 in the previous academic year. Each group allows for different rates of funding that contributes to the overall grant received.

The grant may be spent in the following ways:

  • For the educational benefits of pupils registered at the school
  • Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils to reach their potential
  • Community services whose provision furthers the benefits of pupils at the school
  • Benefitting pupils registered at other schools through outreach work

To ensure that we spend the grant appropriately, this is allocated to the following areas:

  • Supporting the quality of teaching
  • Providing targeted academic support
  • Tackling non-academic barriers to success

The level of financial support is reflective of the level of funding that is received for Pupil Premium and Service Premium students. Pupils who are in eligible for Pupil Premium funding will receive support with residential and day trips.

Disadvantage criteria Pupil Premium funding  Level of funding received What level of support will students receive?
LAC and adopted from care Pupil Premium Plus (PP and additional PP+ funding) Level 1 (£2410) Full support to cover school costs
Free school meals Pupil Premium Level 2 (£985) Curriculum and Enrichment trips/DofE/music tuition/resources list
Ever-6 Pupil Premium Level 2 (£985) Curriculum and Enrichment trips/DofE/resources list
Armed Service families Service Premium funding only Level 3 (£320) Curriculum trips /resources list


List of resources covered by the Pupil Premium grant for Pupil Premium and Service Premium students:

    Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Art Sketchbook/Art Box       y y
Art Portfolio y y y y y
Biology Workbooks       y y
Business Studies Textbook       y  
Chemistry Revision Guide         y
Citizenship Workshops   y y    
Computing Headphones y y y y y
Computing CGP Revision Book         y
DT Materials y y y y y
DT Sketchbook       y  
DT Workbooks       y y
English Dictionary and Thesaurus y        
English Set Texts       y  
French Folder and Revision Guide       y y
French Mary Glasgow French Magazines y y y y y
Geography Revision Guides         y
Geography Colouring Pencils y y y y y
German Workbook   y y    
German Revision Guide         y
Maths Maths Set/Calculator y y y y y
Maths Workbook and Revision Guide         y
Maths Maths Challenges y y y y y
Music Folder and Revision Guide       y  
PE Revision Guide         y
PE GCSE PE Hoodie       y  
Physics Revision Guide and Workbook       y  
Spanish Wookbook   y y y  
Spanish Revision Pack         y


The school is also able to support Pupil Premium students with individual needs. If your child is Pupil Premium and you require any specific support, please contact Becky Crimp, Pupil Premium Co-ordinator at rcrimp@stroudhigh.gloucs.sch.uk

For the Pupil Premium Strategy Report, click here