Learning at Stroud High

Stroud High learning is …

Ambitious. Progressive. Vibrant. Empowering. Innovative. Fun. Skills-based. Deep thinking. Problem solving. Creative. Intellectual. Independent. Collaborative. Critical. Dynamic. Active. Scholarship. Challenging. Bright minds. 21st Century.

We use the High Performance Learning philosophy and framework in our school. This means that we believe that all the students can be high performers, and we teach with these expectations in mind.  

Using this research-based approach helps us to build the intellectual skills that lead a young person to thrive in school and in later life. We encourage students to be empowered to innovate, challenge their own assumptions, think deeply and question things around them. With this, students develop essential skills for life beyond the classroom. Our students cultivate advanced thinking skills and learning behaviours, preparing them for 21st Century life.

We embed the HPL philosophy throughout our school. We never tell our students they cannot achieve, but encourage practice, perseverance and hard work. We know that with this combination they will be successful learners. Everything is possible.

If you would like to discover more about High Performance Learning at Stroud High School, please see the information below or visit www.highperformancelearning.co.uk




'The HPL language makes communication between staff and students more efficient, and students really relish having a consistent language for learning that pervades the entire school.' Professor Deborah Eyre, Dec 2021

'The lessons visited were of excellent quality and there was great teaching and learning. Fabulous atmosphere and relationships, demanding content, engaged and confident students.' Professor Deborah Eyre, Dec 2021

'The ambitious, rigorous and broad curriculum in all subject areas is a significant strength.' Jane Gandee - HPL Assessor, July 2022

'SHS has infused HPL throughout the school in a way that feels organic and natural, and this is effective.' Jane Gandee - HPL Assessor, July 2022



Stroud High is committed to homework to support and enrich classwork and promote independent learning. Homework can now be accessed via the Class Charts app and website.  Students and parents will be able to view online the homework set and when they are due in.

Homework timetables for Years 7-11 can be downloaded below. For students in Years 10-13, homework is set by their GCSE and A Level teachers appropriate to the course.