Key Points 

The Jacket is a compulsory item for all students. 

The V-neck jumper is optional. 

Regulations surrounding the wearing of the jacket 

Students will be expected to wear their jacket at all times, with the following exceptions 

  • When a teacher directs them to take it off in lesson time or assembly 
  • During break or lunch 
  • On exceptionally hot days – when there will be “jacket free” days. 

Year 11 – Optional Black V neck 

As senior students in the school, students in year 11 may choose to wear a plain black V-neck jumper instead of the maroon jumper. 

There are slight changes in the uniform for summer and winter. Summer uniform begins after the Easter Break (Term 5) and ends after the October holiday (Term 2). 

Uniform Item

Available from / Further Info

School blouse with pink and white stripes and long sleeves. A short sleeve version is available for the summer  Trutex Direct or Batemans 
Fitted jacket with school logo (claret)  Trutex Direct or Batemans 
Optional burgundy V-neck jumper with school logo  Trutex Direct or Batemans 

Harrow grey skirt knee length or just below – choice of two styles; 

  • Stitched down pleat 
  • Senior 2 pocket skirt 
Trutex Direct or Batemans 

Harrow grey trousers;

  • Boot cut 
  • Boot cut button trousers 
Trutex Direct or Batemans 

Harrow grey shorts

(Term 5 and 6 only)

Tights must be black or harrow grey. They must be thick and non-patterned. Thinner plain / tan tights and grey, white or black ankle socks can be worn in the summer.   
Plain black shoes either flat or with very low heels. 

Shoes must be plain – no bows, sparkles. Shoes must be entirely black.  Soft canvas shoes are not permitted.

Boots cannot be worn in school although they can be worn on the journey to and from school. 

Conventional coats with no extremes of colour and style. 

Coats cannot be worn in lessons, registration or assembly. 

Lightweight jackets and cardigans cannot be worn in place of coats. 

Hoodies / optional fleece can only be worn when participating in a school sports event or PE lesson. They cannot be worn at any other time.

Scarves can be any style but have to be all one colour – either burgundy, black or grey.   
Hairstyles should not be extreme in either style or colour. Shoulder length hair should be tied back in lessons where it may be hazardous.  Only “natural” hair colours are acceptable. 
The only jewellery that may be worn in school is one stud or small hoop worn in the normal position in pierced ears. The studs/hoops can be any style or colour but must be small.  Girls will be asked to remove any jewellery other than those agreed in the uniform code regardless of when the piercing was done. Covered piercings will not be acceptable. 

Make up and nail varnish are not allowed in KS3 (Yrs 7-9) although a small amount of concealer or foundation is accepted. 

A discreet amount of make up is acceptable in KS4 (Yrs 10-11). Nail varnish is not. 

At KS4 (Yr 10 & 11), girls may wear a small amount of foundation, blusher, mascara and a thin line of eyeliner. No extreme application of make up. No colours. No lipstick or eye shadow. Girls are expected to respond to the notion of “discreet” with maturity. Girls will be expected to remove makeup deemed by staff to be excessive. 

Tee Shirts can be worn under shirts but must not be visible. 


The purpose of our uniform is to contribute to the business-like atmosphere of the school and create a sense of school identity. Tutors and teachers will carry out checks at the start of each lesson / session that the girls are presenting themselves appropriately for school and in accordance with the uniform list.

Pre-loved Uniform: Thanks to donations from parents, we are able to run a continuous stock of second hand Stroud High School uniform. We hold regular lunchtime sales, which we advertise to all parents via the school Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you’d like to donate uniform, please simply bring along to reception. All items are welcome – in good condition, washed, ironed and with name labels removed (if possible please unpick embroidered names on PE kit). Shoes, trainers and football boots are also welcome. Please email our PSA on StroudHighPSA@gmail.com if you would like to purchase an item or have any questions.

It is strongly advised that the Physical Education uniform be printed by Batemans with the student’s full initials on the burgundy shirt, skort, leggings and shorts and with name tags on every item. The print colour is Plain white.

Essential items that must be purchased from Bateman’s:

  • SHS School skort – black with burgundy & white insert 
  • SHS Maroon long socks with school logo
  • SHS school maroon polo shirt with school logo
  • Black leggings with the school logo- two types available
  • Hooded Sweatshirt with school logo

Essential items from any retailer:

  • Plain black cycling shorts OR black sports shorts (provided by Bateman’s)
  • Trainers (supportive to the ankle and without a black  marking sole) – trainers of canvas material or dress trainers (Nike Air Force One/Converse styles/Addidas Gazelles etc) are not permittted
  • Predominantly white ankle socks or just over the ankle socks 
  • Football boots (they are used from Year 7 through to Year 10)
  • Shin pads (compulsory for hockey and football)

Optional items:

  • Skin Garment available from Bateman’s
  • Netball Dress available from Bateman’s with school logo (we recommend you purchase this should your child be selected for the netball team)
  • Gum shield (if participating in hockey club, hockey matches and/or rugby club)
  • The GCSE PE group will be offered the opportunity to order a personalised black hoodie, which is approximately £30.00

Please note that if your child is selected to represent SHS in an inter-school fixture on a regular basis, she will be expected to wear the school hooded top.