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Stroud High School Uniform

The purpose of our uniform is to contribute to the business-like atmosphere of the school and create a sense of school identity. Tutors and teachers will carry our checks at the start of each lesson/session that the girls are presenting themselves appropriately for school and in accordance with the uniform code. Core uniform items are detailed below and can be ordered directly from Trutex (see link) alternately contact Bateman's Stroud Telephone Number 01453 764320 for more information.

School blouse with pink and white stripes and long sleeves (a short sleeve version is available for the summer)
Fitted jacket with school logo (claret)
Optional burgundy V-neck jumper with school logo - this is optional to be worn under the jacket in colder weather, the jacket is compulsory
Harrow grey skirt on the knee or just below (not above) – choice of two styles: Stitched down pleat or Senior 2 pocket skirt - the latter can be custom made by Trutex to ensure the correct length
Harrow grey trousers - choice of two styles: boot cut, or boot cut button trousers
Tights must be black or harrow grey - They must be thick and non-patterned - thinner plain/tan tights and grey, white or black ankle socks may be worn in the summer.
Plain black shoes either flat or with very low heels


Please click here for the Trutex Catalogue or click on the file below


Non-uniform Days:

At various times of the year we raise money for charity by holding non-uniform days, when students pay £1 to come into school in their own clothes.

Please note that all students should still be appropriately dressed for school and we would value your support in this:

No shorts - even with thick tights
No leggings without a skirt or dress over them
No low-cut tops or bare shoulders/midriffs etc

For a full list of uniform please view or download the documents below.

Name   Date  
PDF PE UNIFORM 2021 22 22nd September 2021 Download >
PDF Uniform list 2021 22 22nd September 2021 Download >